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Farmed Specialty Mushrooms

We grow several varieties of mushrooms here at the farm.

All are grown off of certified organic grow blocks of oak chips.

Varieties include:

Oysters, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Shemiji, Nameko, Cinnamon Caps, Pioppino and King Oyster.

Varieties are dependent on season.

Farmed Classic Mushrooms

We buy in top quality classic mushrooms (No. 1 White, Button, Cremini/Brown and Portabello) from Piccioni Bros. and White Crest Mushroom Farms year round.

Wild & Foraged

We forage up to 20 varieties locally and work with an importer to provide wild mushrooms including:

Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Yellow Foot, Lobster Mushrooms, Chicken of the Woods, Hedgehog, Porcini and Truffles.

We bring them in from wherever they're in season.

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