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Our Story

Sean Declerc grew up on the property that we farm today. His grandparents raised beef cattle and rabbits and had a family garden where young Sean was responsible for pulling weeds and help process the veggies.

In 2007 after his grandfather had passed away and his grandmother was considering selling the property, Sean hatched a plan to start a mushroom farm. He started with shiitakes and a couple of farmers markets.

In 2009 he met Shannon Coleclough. Now we're growing 9+ varieties of specialty mushrooms, we work with other folks to bring in wild mushrooms from all over and farm 5-6 acres of all natural produce mostly sold directly to consumers.

We're working on reducing our tillage, using cover crops and making our own compost to help keep and improve our soil health. Together, we get a little bit bigger and a whole lot better every year.

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